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Beyond spirit, talent and great ideas, there has always been one most obvious and vital asset sought by companies – cash in the door. ValeU Group, a private company, focuses on this asset through its Unclaimed Property & Refund Recovery Service. ValeU Group has recovered over $100 million in cash refunds for its Fortune 500 clients. We also deliver on the intangibles expected but not often realized from service companies, including speed, accuracy and personal touch.

Our Refund Recovery Service executes and manages all aspects of the process for our clients. We research and identify Unclaimed Property from all Federal, State and Local databases. We complete and file all necessary applications, track the progress of the claim and secure the refund checks. ValeU has established vital contacts and working relationships with government agency officials through persistent and friendly communication.


ValeU Group has devoted substantial resources towards technology and programming. Our proprietary XTRACT software allows ValeU to search and sort through all state agency “unclaimed property” holdings. Our XTRACT software tracks the process for each claim from inception to completion. ValeU Group is often used to assist companies already engaged in this process in-house. In addition, ValeU Group applies its sophisticated knowledge of corporate structures, mergers and acquisitions, predecessor and
successor companies, to maximize search and recovery efforts.

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Many companies view “unclaimed property” as an “escheatment” or reporting function that flows outward, getting the “property” off their books for a compliance purpose. However, very little time, energy and resources are devoted to recovering their own “unclaimed property” that has been escheated but remains unclaimed.


Most companies are unaware of the vast quantities of “unclaimed property” held by government agencies. Government agencies currently hold over $100 BILLION in unclaimed funds, some of which have been sitting there for more than 30 years. The unclaimed property funds stem from bank accounts, escrow accounts, fiduciary accounts, uncashed checks, accounts payable, security deposits, etc.


A free analysis for a project that brings in money and pays for itself. Our Unclaimed Property Refund Recovery Program is a contingency based service. The service is performed at no upfront cost to the client. Our fee is dependent on state regulations (10% to 20%) but never exceeds 20%. If no unclaimed property funds are secured for the client than no fee will be paid. Please contact ValeU Group, Inc. to find out if your company can benefit from securing their “unclaimed property”. 

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