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Verification of Employment & Income (“VOE” or “VOI”) is the process of confirming or verifying an employee’s job or earnings. There are two basic types of verifications, Commercial and Government. The “VOE” or “VOI” is used to cross-reference employment and income data, already supplied by the employee, on uniform applications.


VeriSafeJobs is a full service and automated solution assisting Fortune 500 companies in outsourcing the time consuming and administrative task of verifying Employment and Income for their employees.


Commercial or Private Verifications are primarily requested by lending institutions when an employee applies for credit to make a large purchase or is attempting to secure a loan. Banks, credit cards, mortgage companies, and apartment complexes are the most common requesters/ verifiers of this information.


Government or Social Service Verifications are primarily requested by Social Service Agencies when an employee applies for benefits. Food stamps, energy assist, housing credits, child support, etc. are the most common requesters/verifiers of this information.


Escalation Process/ VSJ Hot-Line:

In addition to the Customer Service line available from 8am – 8pm EST., Clients will have a VSJ Hot Line with a personal contact available 24/7 specifically for escalations and emergencies.

Benefits of VeriSafeJobs:

No Fees for Service

Revenue Share Opportunities

Relieve Administrative Burden

Increase Employee Production

24/7 Automated Response System

Custom Web Development

Accept Any File Feed

Elite Customer Service


Premier Data Security:

End to End with Resting Encryption

Certified: SOC 1/ SOC 2/ SAS 70

Routine Vulnerability Assessment

Proactive Penetration Testing

Data is Private/No Shared Analytics

30 Years No Data Breach

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