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About Us

ValeU Group is a full-service consulting firm that focuses on retrieving refunds, revealing hidden assets, and reducing costs in often overlooked areas for Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms. We complement our expert consulting with an automated verification service, using state-of-the-art technology to relieve the burden of Human Resource departments by responding to lenders and agencies requesting employment information on employees. ValeU Group’s staff consists of industry experts in their respective service areas, most with 20+ years of Client service, that manage the entire scope of work and report on hard dollar savings results regularly.

ValeU Group also provides access to and manages best-in-class partners to reduce a myriad of corporate employment costs. We have a one point of contact philosophy and pride ourselves in responsiveness and availability. Although we save client’s $ millions annually, it’s our relationships that define us. Ultimately, we are on your time, you are not on ours. With ValeU Group you will enjoy a family vibe while being empowered by unmatched industry knowledge. 

Allow us a free review of a few documents and see why we have the devotion of so many companies.


The ValeU Group, Inc. team is led by Jared Vale.  Jared graduated from Hofstra University with a BBA in Banking and Finance in 1992. In 1996 he began his career in the field of Corporate Unemployment Cost Control as a technical analyst with Barnett Associates. His knowledge of programming helped to automate rate and analysis calculations, significantly increasing efficiency.

Realizing a need to increase awareness about the complexity of the Unemployment Insurance system and corporate compliance, he joined the American Payroll Association as a volunteer to educate employers.  Jared accepted speaking invitations with numerous payroll, tax, human resources and finance associations. He has been an annual recipient of the America Payroll Association's "Citation of Merit" for his participation in the Hotline Referral Service and as a APA Congress Speaker since 2000.


With a constant focus on customer service and process improvement, in 2009, Jared identified another area within which he could provide a value added service to corporations that lacked manpower and technology.  As a result, on June 15, 2010, ValeU Group, Inc. was born to assist companies with the difficult task of recovering unclaimed property and assets from numerous state and federal agencies.

Over the last 14 years, Mr. Vale has streamlined and automated data collection and claim filing process resulting in expediting the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.  

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Jared S. Vale

Joe Franzetti graduated St. Bonaventure University with degrees in business, history and philosophy. Joe also led the University Rugby team to a NY state championship victory his senior year in 1999. He spent the first eighteen years of his career working for another St. Bonaventure graduate, Paul Barnett, who owned the premier private Unemployment Tax Consulting firm in the nation, Barnett Associates. During that time, Joe also worked side by side with Jared Vale, signing and serving some of the largest companies in America. Promoted through the years from Unemployment Tax Analyst to Vice President, and mastering his focus areas, Joe directed the Barnett “UI Navy Seals” who were tasked with selling new clients and serving them daily in every aspect of the expanding business. 

Joe joined ValeU Group in 2017 as Executive Vice President one year after Barnett Associates sold the business to Equifax. He hit the ground running, developing partnerships while assisting with marketing and new lines of business. He brought his knowledge, relationships and extreme enthusiasm to the team at ValeU. Joe is also an accomplished artist and creates an art calendar each year with his father to raise awareness and money to benefit The Damien House, a leprosy treatment hospital in Ecuador. His work is listed under our corporate charities section.


Together Jared and Joe are proving that faith in each other, faith in their staff, faith in the quality of their service, and, faith in their clients, are the distinguishing marks of  successful leaders. For them common sense and hard work are the bedrock that makes a company profitable, efficient, and, a pleasure to work with.

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Joe Franzetti

John Gogakis graduated from St. John’s University with a BA in 1992. He began his career in 1995 with Barnett Associates as a tax analyst specializing in M&A unemployment tax law compliance and promoted through the years to Account Executive. Leading service solution teams, he developed client relationships and created cost savings strategies for clients for short- and long-term goals for their businesses.


After working for Equifax for two years, John joined ValeU Group in 2018 as Director of Operations and promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2021. With 25 years of experience in the industry, he helped build a premier Tax Consulting Firm by bringing on board the top industry talent for providing professional consulting and processing services through ValeU’s Unemployment Cost Control, Verification of Employment/Income and Unclaimed Funds Recovery solutions. 

John Gogakis

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