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l-9s are a critical aspect of business to ensure authorized employment. but they are time-consuming. If you're tired of fixing errors on your employees' forms or having to manually submit them, you will love our 1-9 compliance & E-Verify management services. Our program is hosted and administered through our partner JDP - a private firm with 30 years' experience in the background screening and 1-9 industry.

All employees in the United States are required to complete the 1-9 form. Though it appears to be a
simple form, over half of completed l-9s contain errors. That's where our error-detecting electronic 1-9
comes in. Our online 1-9 incorporates hundreds of business rules associated with the completion of the form into a simple web-based 1-9 that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Our technology alerts those entering information of any errors, so forms can be completed correctly the first time around. Even better, you will be able to submit to E-Verify in just one click. This process will help clients avoid errors, audits. and fines.

JDP's Electronic I-9 Allows for:

» Simple management of the I-9 process
» Secure and user-friendly technology
» Error-Detection to ensure forms are complete and correct
» Organized and searchable forms
» Eliminating the need for paper-based documentation
» Simple one-click E-Verify submissions, sent directly from the electronic 1-9
» Real-Time Reporting with digital storage
» Audit ready compliance log
» Importing Previously stored l-9s
» Auto-Resubmit l-9s when E-Verify system down

E-Verify is an internet-based system that allows an employer, using information reported on an
employee's Form I-9, to determine if an employee has the right to work in the United States. With JDP's E-Verify services, you no longer go through the time-consuming process of manually submitting E-Verify requests through the government site. With JDP, you can E-Verify an employee with one click of a button from our electronic I-9 technology.

JDP's E-Verify Allows for:

» Verification that's completed faster than using the government site directly
» Centralized management of all E-Verify records
» Simple E-Verify submission from the electronic 1-9 form
» Comprehensive reporting of all records at all locations
» Superior management and reporting compared to using the government site directly
» Federally designated E-Verify agent

For more information contact us at 347.568.2538 (347-56-VALEU).
Or email us at:

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