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Receiving and responding to Unemployment Claims is an inevitable part of being an employer. However, managing these claims can be an overwhelming chore of receiving and responding to the appropriate state agencies, generally on a very tight deadline. Companies must also strive to maintain a consistent separation policy. Most employer’s unemployment mail is not centralized and many claims slip through the cracks, increasing the company’s Unemployment Tax Rates and Annual Tax Cost. ValeU Group, Inc. provides a comprehensive Unemployment Claims Management Program for Fortune 100 companies and smaller firms.


The SIDES exchange is an electronic transfer of UI claims documents from state agencies which eliminates the process of traditional U.S. mail (giving employers almost an additional week to gather documents and respond to each claim). This added lead time results in more SUI claims being protested in a timely manner and securing future appeal rights.


Claims Processing & Success Rate:

      • Minimum of 90% win rate on protested claims. 

      • Experts in all 50 states

      • Custom Software for end-to end Claims Management
      • 15 - 20 day lead time for response through SIDES
      • Detailed and timely protests

Hearing Representation:

      • Recommendation to Attend or Not Attend (based on facts)
      • Pre-Hearing witness testimony preparation
      • Provide Representation and/or Attorneys for all hearings in all states

Web Portal & Reporting:
      • Dashboard of all claims activity and real-time reporting
      • Online claim and document look-up capability
      • Secure Document Upload for separations and supporting documents

Account Team Excellence:
      • Account Managers with over 15 years industry and client service experience
      • Knowledge of the Client’s nationwide Unemployment Accounts & Employment Forecasts
      • Available around the clock for client service and escalations

Tax Savings & Education:
      • Calculate true SUI Tax Savings impact from winning Claims and eliminating Benefit Charges

      • Provide Detailed savings reports by state and legal entity for all claims won

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