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State Unemployment Update

California – Issued 2023 Tax Rates on October 31. Rate schedule remains unchanged, with a minimum rate of 1.50% and a maximum rate of 6.20%.

OhioIssued 2023 Tax Rates on November 6. The minimum rate is 0.80% with a maximum rate of 10.30%, a slight increase from 2022

Oklahoma – Issued 2023 Tax Rates on September 30. The minimum rate is 0.30% with a maximum rate of 9.20%, an increase from 2022.

New Hampshire – Rates will be reduced 0.50% for the 4th Quarter 2022. If you currently have a rate of 0.50% or lower, then your company’s rate will be 0.10% for the 4th Quarter.

South Carolina – Issued 2023 Tax Rates on November 10. The minimum rate is 0.06% with a maximum rate of 5.46%, the same as 2022.

South Dakota – Issued their 2023 Tax Rates on November 2. The minimum rate is 0.00% with a maximum rate of 9.85%, the same as 2022.

Wisconsin - Issued their 2023 Tax Rates on October 11. The minimum rate is 0.00% with a maximum rate of 12.00%, the same as 2022.

Upcoming Deadlines

Voluntary Contribution Deadlines:

Wisconsin – November 30 / South Dakota – December 31

2023 Taxable Wage Base Update

34 states have confirmed the 2023 Taxable Wage Base for employers.

If you have not done so already, please forward copies of your 2nd Quarter 2022 SUI Reports as well as any 2023 Tax Rate notices you have received.


FUTA Update

California, Connecticut, Illinois, and New York have failed to pay back their FUTA Title XII Loans as of November 10, 2022. As a result, employers will now have to pay an additional 0.30% on employees reported in these states retroactively to January 1, 2022.

  1. Deadline: Employers will have until January 31, 2023 to pay the additional 0.30% on employees in these four states.

  2. The Additional 0.30% will result in an estimated increase of $21 per employee for 2022 (0.30% * $7,000 FUTA Wage Base).

Total FUTA Rate is now 0.90% in these states for 2022. Virgin Islands FUTA is 4.20%.

Select the link “Title XII Loan Chart” for additional information.

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