State Unemployment Tax

Important Update - Florida Tax Rates: The state of Florida has issued their 2021 Tax Rates(December 22) and employers should expect significant rate increases. The state has increased certain components of the calculation resulting in rate increases of 0.19% to 3.89% compared to last year. The Minimum Rate will be 0.29% and Maximum Rate remains 5.40%. Please make sure to send ValeU Group any Rate Notices you receive as soon as possible.

2021 Tax Rate Update:

As of December 22nd, Thirty(30) States have issued their 2021 SUI Tax Rates, with an additional 13 set to issue their rates within the next month.

District of Columbia: Rate Schedule will change from Table 5 to Table 6, resulting in Tax Rate increases of 0.20% or 0.40%.

Nebraska: Rate Schedule remains unchanged for 2021

Nevada: Rate Schedule remains unchanged for 2021

North Carolina: Although the Minimum(0.06%) and Maximum Rate(5.76%) remain the same for 2021, changes to the rate schedule will result in an increase of 0.50% for most rate groups.

North Dakota: Rate Schedule remains unchanged for 2021

Pennsylvania: Rate Schedule remains unchanged for 2021

Washington: Tax Rate Schedule increased for 2021, with the Minimum Tax Rate increasing from 0.13% to 0.52%, and Maximum Tax Rate from 5.72% to 6.03%.

West Virginia: Rate Schedule remains unchanged for 2021

Below is a list of important upcoming deadlines:

Penalty Rate Protest Deadlines:

Florida – January 11 // New Mexico - December 30

Joint Account Deadlines:

Ohio - December 31 // South Carolina - December 31

Voluntary Contributions Deadlines:

Kansas - December 30 // Ohio - December 31 // South Dakota - December 31

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