State Unemployment Tax

Important Update – New York Benefit Charges: The state of New York has issued an Executive Order waiving all Benefit Charges beginning with the benefit week of March 9th, 2020. This applies to all employers including those that are Reimbursable.

This will obviously have a major impact on lowering any potential tax cost increase, however, we still expect tax rates to rise as a result of an anticipated increase to the rate schedule. 2021 Tax Rate Update:

As of February 11th, Forty-Four States have issued their 2021 SUI Tax Rates, with Six states estimated to issue their rates within the next month.

Below is a list of important upcoming deadlines:

Penalty Rate Protest Deadlines:

California – February 28 // Louisiana – February 17 // Minnesota – February 23

Voluntary Contributions Deadlines:

Arizona – February 28 // Louisiana – February 23

Joint Account Deadlines:

Arizona – February 28


Unemployment Claims

ValeU Group has updated our All-State Reference Guide To UI Benefits to properly reflect the states that are not charging employers for COVID related benefit charges.

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