February 2022 SUI Update

2022 SUI Tax Rate Update:

As of February 22nd, all but three jurisdictions (DC, HI, MS) have issued 2022 Tax Rate notices.

The state of New York is the last “major” state to issue their rate notices(February 11th). As a result of the decision to remove all benefit charges for 2021, almost all employers will see a reduction in tax rates.

New York allows Voluntary Contributions and Joint Accounts, so please forward all rate notices to ValeU Group as soon as possible.

Below is a list of important upcoming deadlines:

Penalty / Rate Protest Deadlines:

Alabama – March 10 / Florida - March 10 / Massachusetts – June 20

North Carolina – May 1 / New York – March 31 / Pennsylvania – March 31

Voluntary Contribution Deadlines:

Arkansas – March 31 / Arizona – February 28 / Colorado – March 15

Minnesota – April 30 / New York – March 31 / North Dakota – April 30

Texas – March 11

Joint Account Deadlines:

Arizona – February 28 / New York – March 31

Taxable Wage Base Update:

All states have issued their 2022 SUI Taxable Wage Base. See our 2022 Wage Base Chart

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