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Cutting Edge Solutions


Automated systems allow ValeU Group to more efficiently and effectively identify and recover unclaimed assets; saving both time and manpower on behalf of our clients. The companies that we service can have anywhere from one to hundreds of subsidiaries and histories of mergers and acquisitions that are lengthy and often confusing.  This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to identify unclaimed property without the critical utilization of automated search technology. 


XTRACT -  eXtract, Track, Report, Automated Claim Technology


ValeU Group's XTRACT solution is a proprietary software system that was designed to automatically search unclaimed property in over 75 nationwide databases, maximize findings and import relevant data into a highly organized spreadsheet.  The information that we obtain is used to help track claims, remove redundancies and produce accurate and timely reports for our clients and internal research specialists. The database that ValeU Group maintains houses millions of unclaimed property records from state and provincial abandoned property offices, as well as money held by local governments and bankruptcy courts.  

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